Joss Whedon, Feminist Icon or just human?

I am a bit on the longer side in the tooth of mature to have been a massive Buffy fan but I did watch it and well always having had a bit of a crush on Anthony Head, why wouldn’t I tune in.

The show got huge ratings but also some began to consider Joss Whedon as a bit of feminist hero not only because of his portrayal of a strong female lead but kinda just because he said so…..

Well, his now ex-wife (couldn’t imagine a present one) has gone to town on him, exposing his inappropriate emotional and physical relationships with others throughout their 16 yr marriage.

Is a he therefore a bit of douchebag?

How much responsibility do those who were involved with the infidelity take on?
They would have known he was married and do you think every single one of them was a budding easily lead naive actress?

The casting couch, the expectation that someone trying to get ahead would sleep with someone more powerful than them to gain the advantage over those not willing to.
Didn’t work for Maureen Prescott…

Power is a great aphrodisiac and he obviously and apparently ruthlessly used it in a most effective style to satisfy his somewhat shallow carnal requirements.
This my friends is a classic example of someone who isn’t ‘a keeper’….

But why expose your relationship dirty laundry in public?

I do ask clients to write letters to their ex, they normally offer them to me to read but the exercise is purely for them.
To remind them why they shouldn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t go back and repeat past actions.
It can help to point out how “they are an ex for a reason”.

In my opinion all that seems to have happened is she has written that closure letter but then decided to try and teach the world about her ex.

It may have helped her in the short run but long term who is it actually gonna help?
They have children and well we all know children are liable to be bloody horrible to each other.

Has it enriched her life by attempting to expose his?
A question I ask my clients, by doing this action or displaying a certain emotion, has it enhanced your experience on earth and mostly the answer is…..Not much.

If you won’t sit in traffic but prefer to go the longer way round all you have really achieved is using more fuel.

Just sit, be, think, sing, be grateful, because you can’t change the traffic so don’t let it change you.

He will continue to make films and it won’t dent much of his estimated $100 million fortune, he will carry on, regardless of our opinion of him being an arsehole.

Let’s not forget even heroes make mistakes, its how we deal with their’s and our own that is important 

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