Stop Press The Dr has a Vagina

I’m a bit of a geek, quite a bit of a geek if truth be known.

So there I was this afternoon, cooking a roast all while having one ear on the television waiting for what looked like the forgone conclusion of Federer winning to finish.
I passed the time talking to fellow geeks and throwing various names into the hat for position of the new Dr.

It seemed like an age before they had finished making small talk with who is arguably the best male tennis player ever.

And then Sue Baker said the words that made my ears prick up.
“Dr Who”

The trailer started and I of course recorded it onto my sky+ box for posterity.

Ok, so its someone in a hoodie………..can’t really tell from the hands, I thought the nails looked slightly male shaped but then the camera flashed up to eyelashes coated in a lick of mascara and the unmistakable face of a female.

OMFG its finally a woman.

I watched more than once, amazing I thought and well overdue.

Then I remembered an hour earlier I had posted an article about Jodie Whittaker being a late comer to the name the Dr Who game.

Nail, head and hitting came to mind!

So as the next few hours unfolded and I got on with making some hypnosis Mp3s for clients I began to see on my social media what can only be described as misogynistic arseholes spitting scorn on the decision.

Comments a bit like

“Seems a bit weird, changing characters gender seems to be in vogue at the moment”

“Yet to be convinced”

This wasn’t just happening on my page either, wherever I looked I saw crap like.

“What next Zac Efron as Lara Croft?”

“I despise PC”

Have these Men (and they all are presenting as male) not noticed that its 2017 and women can even vote nowadays.

The most shocking thing to me is some of these people are therapists……
When they have such views then how can they treat women…..particularly strong and powerful ones.

I felt compelled to write some responses and amongst some I have said is
“If the Master can be a woman then why not the Dr?”

I kinda knew I could get into trouble with some of my Facebook friends for having such a liberal, what appears to be forward thinking attitude but frankly I don’t give flying fuck.

Their attitude stinks but thankfully there are some wonderful people that liked my comments, I guess because any rational person knows there is no issue in a woman being the Dr like myself.

The thought has crossed my mind to unfriend these idiots who have issues with humans with vaginas… maybe they need to come and see me to talk through their feelings of what might be their own feelings of demasculinisation.
I would however miss out on the sweet pleasure of them eating their words when Jodie does an excellent job.

I will stand my corner because it doesn’t make any difference what body parts a Dr has but just that they are the right person for the job at the right time.
This one I feel will run and run.

As some proper geeks amongst us would cheer “Heres to the crimbo special”

Can’t bloody wait!

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