What we should be taking from ‘naked attraction’ Pt 1

No work of televisual genius and I’m sure there are some who cry for it to be immediately banned. 

Not only did I notice the curious absence of pubic hair, did no one mention that pubic hair is there for a reason and even if you leave a landing strip it helps to maintain and promote the natural flora and fauna of your vagina.

Not having tattoos or piercings is now a rarity but its a beautiful thing just to see other bodies, isnt it odd that we hardly ever see others without the facade of clothing.

We are constantly force fed unhealthy images of perfect, hairless, perky female stereotypes when if you watch this you actually see that we are all different but still stunning all in our own way. 

I know many people who go to so called ‘slimming clubs’, there are loads about and I guess my official (has she swallowed a dictionary) take on it would be…

“The technical difficulty for people going to slimming clubs is it doesn’t change attitudes to food and any underlying causation or primary gain. Its great while you are there but personally I’m not an advocate of the methodology as a long term strategy for long term weight maintenance”

Do it for health and feeling, never for weight alone. 

Celebrate who you are, not who you might be if you lost that extra pound. 

Time is fleeting.

Its never easy but with time and understanding you can learn to love and accept yourself just as you are, because as soon as you do, others will follow suit and love you too.

Z x

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