Compassionate & Confidential Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Workshops and Training in Oxfordshire and the U.K.

Sharing worries and fears with friends and family can sometimes feel impossible and uncomfortable.

It is times like these when having an independent listening ear can be most supportive and beneficial.

Working closely alongside you I offer empathy, congruence,  support, understanding, and acceptance which promotes your self growth towards goals.

GSRD = Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Diversity

My charity, diversity consulting work and private therapeutic practice explore how race, gender, sexuality and relationship diversity create a prism of intersecting identities.

I call myself ‘integrative’ because I draw upon different modalities from GestaltTransactional AnalysisACTEET and Interpersonal

I’m a mental health columnist in OxMag and Fyne Times, click here to read some of the articles I’ve been published in.

My belief is that the therapist is their own modality and that rapport building as featured in interpersonal theory is vitally important for getting results.

07891819823  zayna@therapist.net

I offer you a safe, confidential space within, which a therapeutic relationship can grow and enable you to explore your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and patterns of behaviour in greater depth.

Being dual trained gives me the advantage of being able to combine Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy where appropriate.

However you made your way here, for whatever reason please feel free to look around and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on 07891819823 or email me on zayna@therapist.net.